The Social Life Project’s mission is to highlight what makes public spaces thrive, drawing from communities around the world. We do this through presentations, exhibits, publications, and catalytic projects. Our work grows out of more than 40 years devoted to studying public spaces and offering what we’ve discovered in projects and trainings — including a vast photo bank and global network of colleagues. The essential role of all successful public spaces is to provide social gathering spots that enrich local life by connecting people, and empowering them to create stronger communities. If you are interested in collaborating  (presentations, articles, exhibits, projects, and more) please contact Fred Kent and Kathy Madden at:

The Social Life Project is one of two inaugural programs of our new non-profit the Placemaking Fund. Our second program is PlacemakingX, a global network of leaders who together will accelerate placemaking as a way to create inclusive, healthy, and beloved communities.

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