Great Public Spaces

Great Public Spaces20

There is nothing like the thrill that one gets when they go to a great place again and again. Great places are addictive dwell in your memory, often emerging to cheer you up and give you incentive to go back or just explore in your mind the pleasures you had or what you might have missed. They can be in your community/neighborhood at a corner cafe, a special store or park. Often they are right in front of our noses if we will just look.

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Fred Kent
Kathy Madden

Time-Honored Places: The Public Square, Part II

Public Spaces as squares are plazas in Spain, Latin America, and sometimes the U.S., piazzas in Italy, platz in German-speaking countries, and simply "square" everywhere in between. In many small towns they have the Village Green. In essence they are the main gathering places for people.

Fred Kent
Kathy Madden
Steve Davies

Catalytic Places: Public Squares, Part I

What great squares have to offer their communities is limitless. Above all, it's the social life that works in these squares: What are perhaps the most magical parts about these places are the simple, crucial chance encounters that allow us to have with others.

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